Hartford JCI(Jaycees)


The JCI(Jaycees), Junior Chamber of Commerce was developed in 1920 by Henry Giessenbier. His vision was to provide young adults, ages 18-40 with leadership through community service in four areas of opportunity: Business, Individual, Community and International. In 1959, JCI Wisconsin became a part of the U.S. Junior Chamber and Junior Chamber International (JCI), a worldwide federation of young professionals and entrepreneurs. The Hartford chapter was established 961.


The Jaycee Creed:


The Jaycee Creed was written by C. William Brownfield in 1946, after attending his first National Convention in Milwaukee, WI. Adopted by the US Jaycees and Jaycees International, this simple statement of beliefs unites Jaycees around the world in a bond of friendship and purpose.


We Believe


That faith in God gives

meaning and purpose to

human life; That the

brotherhood of man

transcends the sovereignty of

nations; That economic justice

can best be won by free men

through free enterprise; That

government should be of laws

rather than of men; That

earth’s great treasure lies in

human personality; And that

service to humanity is the

best work of life.



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